[Solved] How to add custom search bars on your blogspot blog?  


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How to add the search bars on your blogspot theme with custom design, layout, colors and backgrounds.

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  • Go to Google custom search engine.
  • Sign in with your Google account and you can see a screen like this.
    • you can see a screen like this.
    add google custom search to blogger
    • In “Sites to search”, add your site URL. You also have the option to create search engines for parts of your site or individual pages on your site.
    • Choose language. Name your search engine. In advanced options, you can add up to 10 schema.org types to your search engines (optional).
    • After you enter all the information, click on “Create” button. Now, you’ll see this screen.
    • Get code button
      • Click on “Get code” and copy the code.
      • Log into your Blogger account.
      • Go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript.
      • Now, give a title (optional) and paste the code. Click on “Save” button.
      Google Custom Search Engine on Blogger Blog

      That’s it. 

Ravi Dixit


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