What is Funding Choices Program from Google AdSense  


Abhishek Verma
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23/04/2018 12:40 am  

Funding Choices Program by Google AdSense is a very helpful program for the publishers/bloggers. It simply a script which you need to add to your blog along with your AdSense ads. The script can be used as an alternative to Content Blocking plugins/scripts.

This means, if someone is using Ad Blocking software, then this script will either show a popup on your site, that request the user to disable the Ad Blockers and tell them we are using high quality ads and you can explain how much important those ads are for your site.

You can also tell them to buy a Ad-Removal Pass through that script.

It will also limits the pageviews to a person who is using Ad Blockers.

This is in beta mode and soon will available to all the AdSense users. This is a big help from Google to the Adsense publishers who are loosing their revenue because of the Ad Blocking softwares.

For more details checkout this article.


Abhishek Verma

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23/04/2018 3:12 pm  

It will be very helpful for the publishers who are losing their adsense revenue.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Abhishek....


Ravi Dixit


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