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Welcome to StayMeOnline Community, I am happy that you choose this post to read because every new member should read this before starting the discussion in the forum.

Guidelines For You

Now you are the member of StayMeOnline Community, you should take care of these points which mentioned below...

1.Give Respect And Take Respect: This is the first nature every member should have, If you respect others then you can hope that others will respect you back. Be respectful whenever reply to others and ever never use bad or abuse words.

2.Promotion is not Allowed: This forum created for the people who need help and the people who love to help others not for promoting your blog and other. You can add one link to your website and social profiles like Facebook and Twitter in your profile. and I think it is enough, if you are helping others and they like your reply then I sure they will be in with you. You can add link whenever you need help with your website/blog.

3.Attach Image: Whenever you are facing any issue with your website/blog or any other than always attach a screenshot with your topic to help others what you are asking for. And also when you are answering any question, only attach where needed.

4.Use Appropriate Category: In the forum, You will see more than 8 categories, whenever ask a question use appropriate category for creating a topic.

5.Use Like and Report Buttons: If you like any particular post of someone then hit like button instead of replying him. This place is for you so whenever you saw anyone is breaking rules and doing something which is not acceptable then use the report button to report against him.

6.Fill Your Profile First: After creating your account, the first work you need to do is fill all your profile details, and also upload your profile pictures. It will help others to know who you are.

7.Account Termination: If we find that you are doing anything against the guidelines or breaking any rule then your account will be terminated by the Moderator or Admin.

I am sure you will take care of all the guidelines mentioned above and you treat this forum as it is yours. This is a place where all beginners and experts can share their knowledge about the blogging niche.

Even I will be here also for learning new things from the other members and I will also share my knowledge with others as well.


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