[Solved] How to add url like staymeonline.com/recommends/  


Piyush Suthar
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24/03/2018 3:59 pm  

I was reading the blog of staymeonline then I was redirected to deals page and saw some deals... There was a url staymeonline.com/recommends/Something

That's redirect to any other site...

How to have this type of url please tell 


Piyush Suthar

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24/03/2018 4:29 pm  

This is the best way to increase your earning from the affiliate marketing, It's called Link Cloaking. This small trick can make dirty affiliate links to good looking.

There are many plugins to do so, Plugins like Thirsty affiliate and Easy Affiliate Links( This will I am using).

I have shared a complete guide to link cloaking, I think you must read that from here.

I am sure this will help you...

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Ravi Dixit

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25/03/2018 3:49 pm  

That's a nice post @dixravi. Even, I too use Thirsty affiliates plugin on my website for almost 2 years.

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